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Topic- 8 Tips for Easier Office Cleaning-optimized

Office buildings need daily cleaning to keep them functional and make them professionally presentable. To make the cleaning easier, there are a few things you can do to optimize your cleaning strategy and get things done in a more efficient way.

Top 8 Office Cleaning Tips

1. Start from the top and work your way down.

Save the floors for last, or else you may have to repeat some of the vacuuming, sweeping, or mopping when you knock dust onto the floor.

2. Store your cleaning supplies in easy-to- reach places.

Instead of keeping everything in separate areas, use a caddy to hold and carry all your cleaning supplies. This makes it easier for you to reach for something as you need it.

3. Keep a smaller vacuum cleaner around for spot cleaning.

If there’s a small spill throughout the day, you can clean it more easily with a handheld vacuum instead of pulling out the industrial vacuum for everything.

4. Get an appropriately sized trash can and recycling bin.

People are more willing to use trash cans and recycling properly if everything will fit inside nicely. Small trash and recycling bins may lead to trash piling around the room, so make sure the bins are appropriately sized for the number of people using them and the average amount of trash.

5. Remove bathroom rust stains with acidic cleaners.

Toilets and sinks can collect rust spots from metal parts used in the construction. Remove these stains with an acid-based cleaner, as many regular bathroom cleaners won’t do the trick.

6. Place small trashcans around for paper and clutter.

Along with the normal bins, it’s a good idea to place smaller trash cans around in strategic places. Large offices need a lot of smaller bins for collecting papers and other trash that might have ended up sitting on desks or tables otherwise.

7. Vacuum in a strategic pattern.

You may not need to vacuum underneath every piece of furniture daily, while walking paths will need daily vacuuming. Plan our vacuuming strategy for maximum efficiency, instead of moving everything and cleaning underneath it daily when it may not even be needed.

8. Clean concrete floors with a nylon brush.

Offices that have concrete flooring will need a little different cleaning than those with carpet or wood. The concrete should be cleaned with a natural cleaning solution and a nylon brush. Never use a metal brush to clean concrete, because it may leave rust stains behind.


Following these 8 office cleaning tips will help you do the job more efficiently. For more useful cleaning tips, you can check out the entire list of 53 home cleaning tips here.

Written by: Janie Newell